Offices not just being the place to work but the place where one spends almost half of the day, needs to be perfectly design explorative in order to provide comfort.

Client GT Group

The design of GT office in Chennai deals with all parameters which a professional space would require as well as provide that comforting environment which employees would seek for. 
As an architectural exploration, design indulge in various kind of innovations through the use of different textures, techniques and materials in order to achieve a design expression and quality to the place. The idea was to create a raw and natural theme throughout the building as well as to maintain the individuality of different spaces. Hence the theme of raw interiors and creating a green experience throughout the building came into scenario.

First floor consists of executive area, directorial area, employee’s area, informal relaxation zone, conference room and service areas. The experiential quality of each and every space varies in terms of interior to furniture. Paintings, exclusively designed furniture with the sensitivity towards the theme and functionality comfort, are also used for the purpose. The floor above it also have the similar spatial arrangement but with different experiential quality and interiors. Such take while designing provides the opportunity for adaptation of space according to need. 
The furniture designed with metal and timber with minimal aesthetic approach, planters hanging from ceiling with similar material, exposed raw concrete ceiling adds on to the theme. 
Staircase not only as a service element but as a design element had perfectly been explored and designed with perforated folded metal sheet. The façade along the south i.e. staircase side is perforated with small puncture in order to cut the strong glare of south and create play of light.
Other façade here are also made from glass and window in order to get proper light and ventilation through out the building, but along with that green screen of creepers and planters has also been created in order to filter the hard glare of light. The front façade of the office had been innovatively designed with timber member and cable system. It has been stretched along the building as well as a false floor height has been provided on the terrace in order to visually increase the scale of building.
Aerodynamic element attached with the front façade is exclusively engineered and designed in terms of form to rotate and respond to the blowing air. Along with that the factor of maintenance and sustenance has also been taken care.
Overall GT is not just a corporate office building but a comfortable space for co-work and enjoy. It’s an example of material and experiential architectural expression over the official typology. 

Building consist G+2 floor and a basement. Basement facilitates the employ’s parking area, store room and dinning area. The biometrics security has also been attached over there. Ground floor comprises of visitors and directors parking as well as reception area. Cladding of baked earth brick on the wall and ground with the exclusively designed metal and timber planter add on to the ambience of the space.