Rama Port


Through a balance of form and aesthetics, Bilaspur's Rama Port showcases a distinct spatial arrangement and a unique architectural character.

Client Rama real estate pvt. ltd. | Status Completed

The angular configuration of this 5 storey commercial space is guide by the trapezoidal shape of the site. With the longer stretch of the built mass facing the main road, the plaza forms the heart of the design. Stores and office spaces garner frontage on either sides, maximizing light and ventilation through the glass facades. The plaza, acting as a recreational and interaction space, allows for the seamless spillover of internal spaces while the sinuous corridors along the offices on the floor above look into the triangular plaza. The interplay of levels and landscaping adding the ambience.

The contrast between the internal and external character of the building is highly distinguishable and appreciable. The road-facing facade is a striking feature. Shaped from complementary geometries, the unified expression of the facade visually breaks the horizontality of the volume. Vertical fins and planters create depth and account for climatic and directional response, while the narrow horizontal openings create a play of ambient light during the day and night.
Interesting configurational instances articulating the transitional quality of spaces define the overall architectural expression of the building.