About Us

We're a cross-disciplinary design practice rooted in integrity, synergy and creation.

Neelesh Chopda Architecture

Neelesh Chopda Architecture, previously known as Onus Design, was founded in 2001.

Architect Neelesh Chopda has a deep appreciation of rational building design and a profound understanding of the use of construction materials. His early projects set a precedent for the criteria that would reveal the practice's design approach – structure, space and skin.

Over the last two decades, his demonstrated excellence in master planning and building design has left a significant mark, with each plan and composition finely crafted to help enrich lifestyles and local communities. His celebrated works across the various verticals of design have lead to his meteoric growth, with projects now ranging nationwide. Today, the firm's portfolio covers various sectors and the studio is proud of its well appreciated expertise and substantial experience in bringing to fruition residential projects, retail and commercial complexes, transport projects, educational facilities, industrial sector construction, large-scale arts and leisure schemes, and master planning.

At the studio, we believe that every architectural design includes 3 aspects – beauty, utility and psychology. Architectural design must satisfy the human psyche of growth. Design should become an aspiration, and its harmony with human psychology and the ecosystem is what drives our design thinking. Through our projects, we aim to establish a deep, harmonious relationship between the user and the space, as 'space is nothing but just a lump of materials without its user'.