Swarnabhoomi Township


Swarnabhoomi - ‘The Golden Land’, where nature has showered humanity with her bountiful offerings.

Client Fortune Resources Pvt. Ltd. | Status Ongoing

With spacious residences, wide avenues and vast concourses which result in ample open areas, the design of this 195-acre township is based on the philosophy of synergy for blissful living. Perfectly designed pathways and vehicular movement weave together the residential, commercial and recreation zones, initiating rhythm and transitional quality throughout the township.

Over all the township is a beautifully painted luxurious scheme with the colours of landscape which creates a joyous and humane environment celebrating nature. 

The ancient science of Vaastu is incorporated to keep off negative vibrations and enhance positive energy. The design has been inspired by the five elements of air, water, fire, earth and sky. Air symbolizes courage, growth and exploration while water represents the eternal cycle and preciousness. Fire signifies power and confidence, Earth embodies nature that is built to last and 

The process of planning entailed a detail research and development consideration of the quality of life, which could be offered in relation to the local conditions like Vaastu, climate, economic, social, educational and health and security of the mind and body.

At Swarnabhoomi, human movement and vehicular circulation never intersect. Passageways have been designed giving priority to humans, hence all the pedestrian movement is along gardens and the waterfront areas. A well designed mix of pathways, causeways and bridges makes for beautiful architecture and landscape gallery. This encourages a person to walk happily to all the amenities and facilities. The additional benefit is free and unhindered movement of the young and the old eliminating the hazards of collisions. Many of the pedestrian pathways in both the commercial and residential areas are either covered under thick foliage to protect people from heat and rain.

Flowing water is predominant feature across the length of the landscape. In fact, a walk through the township would take one on a beautiful waterside stroll for about 2 kms. Landscape had been developed along the waterside to enhance the beauty of the nature and create a major recreational zone.

The residential projects have been planned to optimise space and leverage climatic conditions considering the five vital elements controlling good Vaastu practices. The north has been intentionally opened up for ample sunlight to filter in without sacrificing the concern of privacy. The access to the houses are well placed with separate guest and service entries. The movement of the residents, guests, service providers, tradesmen etc. is regulated and controlled. This ensures privacy and security. The elements like waterbodies, courtyards, veranda, balconies etc has also been implemented to increase the quality of outdoor or semi- outdoor living.

The retail areas, commercial outlets, hotel, performing arts centre, school campus, healthcare facility, polyclinic, entertainment zones and corporate park are well spaced out and built over a sprawling 12 acres. While the large parking bays provided in the commercial area will reduce surface traffic, the load will be effectively diminished as vehicle users will definitely opt for walk to their homes.