Water Tower, Swarnabhoomi


Rising 36m against the skyline of the Swarnabhoomi Township of Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the water tower outlines an iconic structure, defined by a strong form and a striking aesthetic.

Client Fortune Resources Pvt. Ltd. | Status Unbuilt

Proposed at the Swarnabhoomi Square against the backdrop of commercial complexes, the structure is identifiable from a distance and is conceived to be a crowd-puller – a center for community gatherings.

A vertical garden is proposed across the tower height, over the diagrid. The structure would then be a tall air purifier at the heart of the township, doing its part in reducing the generated carbon footprint.

A restaurant with a water body and an undulating roof wraps the tower at the base while a viewing gallery perches on its top, looking towards the view of whole township. The restaurant roof operates as a luminaire that illuminates the tower at night whilst a laser clock projects into the sky at night. With the main water tank concealed within the exoskeleton, this water tower stands tall like a beacon.

The structure boasts a monocoque system, where the exterior skin is a structural diagrid that transfers load diagonally along its members. The diagrid eliminates the need for columns while adding to the structure's aesthetic value. The use of exposed concrete not only excludes the need of exterior surface finishes but is in deliberate, direct contrast to the natural surroundings.